Best Garden Hose Reviews UK 2019

Best Garden Hose Reviews UK

​With spring in full bloom and summer on the way, it’s probably time to start looking forward to doing some yard work. If you’re in need of a new garden hose, there is a wide variety of excellent hoses out there to choose from. A quality garden hose should easily last at least 5 years. Purchase an inferior hose and you be replacing that much more often.

But first, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind–such as length, material, size and strength.When it comes to length, you will be able to find hoses that range anywhere from 25 feet to up to around 200 feet, with lengths everywhere in between as well. Somewhere between 50 and 100 feet is the most common. If you’re just looking to buy one hose, you may be tempted to buy the longest one you possibly can. And why not? It will be capable of any job you need for, right?

But not so fast. Buying a hose that is too long will just end up being more trouble than it is worth. It will be too long and unwieldy for smaller jobs and smaller yards, and weigh too much to be carried around easily. It will also take up significantly more storage space than a shorter, lighter hose. A 100 foot hose is much bigger than you might think. You can always purchase 2 or 3 shorter hoses and join them together should you need a longer hose.

Next, take a look at the size and inner diameter of the hose. They can usually come in diameters from one-half inch to an inch. Diameter directly affects how much water the hose can carry and put out at once–as well as the water pressure. A larger diameter hose will also be heavier, as it will be larger and require more material.

When choosing hose materials, you’ll see primarily two types - rubber and vinyl. These days, it’s also common to see a hybrid of the two, or hoses made of strong, multi-layer latex. A rubber hose will be more pliable, flexible and longer-lasting than a vinyl hose. It will also be able to carry hot water, is less likely to crack or become kinked and knotted.

A vinyl hose, on the other hand, is much lighter and much cheaper,but is also much less durable. It will be more likely to crack, split and kink. If you’re just looking for a cheap, basic hose and don’t require it to last a long time, a vinyl hose will work just fine.

A relatively new addition to the hose world are expandable hoses, made from a reinforced latex inner tube with a polyester knit outer layer. The latex inner will stretch and fill with water, as will the outer layer, and can often grow to 3 times the length. Many new hoses might also be reinforced with nylon or rayon for greater strength.

Finally, you will want to pay attention to the hose’s strength. This will often be marked on the side of the hose. For everyday, all-around use, and use with sprinklers, you should aim to get a hose than can handle about 250-300 PSI. As mentioned above, a rubber or reinforced hose will be less likely to crack or rupture than a vinyl hose.

When it comes to couplings or fasteners, aim for metal–usually brass. Brass couplings will be muchstronger and less prone to breakage than cheap, plastic couplings, and will not leak as easily. They willalso put up with everyday wear and tear much better. They are also usually octagonal, so as to beturned by a wrench.

With all those points mind, we’ve put together a short buying guide, to help you get a good handle on the best hoses available today.

Our Top 5 Table

Best Garden Hose Reviews UK ​2019

1. Hozelock Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose

The Hozelock Compact 2in1 garden hose is a compact, rubber hose with an enclosed casing to protect the hose during storage and make it easy to carry and around and store. The layering system and wheel allows the hose to be rewound and layered neatly into the case, and a small viewing window in the top of the case lets you see easily how it looks. It also has a carry handle in the top of the case for easy portability. It can be wall mounted for a permanent placement, or can simply be a free-standing and portable system, and the hose measures 25 meters in length.

The Hozelock does require some assembly when first used, but is very easy to put together. It’s also quite affordable. If you’re just looking for a basic garden hose with reel and storage, this one will work well.


  • Compact
  • Enclosed Casing
  • Large handle for easy use
  • 25m hose


  • Plastic construction


This garden hose by Ansio is expandable, and grows to over 3 times the original length when stretched or filled with water. The inner tube is made from triple-layer latex, which expands upon use, and shrinks back down to its more compact size upon being disconnected. The outer sheath is made from 600D polyester webbing, finished with aluminum end-ducting to help keep pipes from bursting.This revolutionary new design isn’t just great for convenience and storage, but prevents the ever-ubiquitouskinks and tangles hoses are infamous for.

The hose also comes with a spray gun, with 7 different settings, including Shower, Mist, Centre, Cone,Flat, Full, Jet. The spray nozzle also has a lock, to make continuous use much easier. Ansio also offers a 1 year warranty.

This hose is a very convenient and easy to use option, though, due to its expanding build, is best not used with a sprinkler. Be extra careful when using it, and be sure to avoid contact with any sharp objects in the yard, such as bricks or sharp rocks. Do not place any heavy objects on top, and be sure to pick it up before cutting the grass. The polyester and expanding latex construction, while quite durable for daily use, is not as thick and tough as a regular those.


  • Expandable, from 33ft to 100ft
  • Vinyl and Polyester built
  • Spray Gun has 7 settings, Spray Lock for continuous use


  • Can be easily broken or cut on sharp objects

3. Garden Hose Pipe 100ft King Top Expandable Magic Hose Stretch Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun

This garden hose from Kingtop is an exceptionally high-quality and durable garden hose. It, like the Ansio, is made from a three-layer latex tube, and covered with a knitted elastic fabric material for extra strength and protection. The tripled-layer latex is not only strong and capable of up to 8 bar of water pressure, but extremely pliable and flexible, which keeps it from cracking, becoming kinked or knotted.It expands up to 100ft in length when given at least 5.88 bar of water pressure,and shrinks back down to 33ft. It light,weighing about 80% less than a regular rubber hose, compact and easy to store, coming with an included bag to put it out of the way.

All the hose fittings and connectors are made from solid brass, durable enough to withstand anything that might crush the plastic fittings customary to hoses, and create leaks or cracks. Like the Ansio hose,it has a spray gun that has 7 built-in settings. The Kingtop claims that its build will last up to 1500 uses. It is perfect for yard work, washing the car, and any other purpose you can imagine for a hose.


  • Expandable
  • 3-layer vinyl build
  • Polyester casing
  • Brass fittings


  • Must avoid sharp objects.

4. Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 50m Hose

The Hozelock Hose Cart is much like the Hozelock 2in1 Reel, but with a portable, wheeled cart as opposed to a fixed, encloses reel house. The internal diameter of the winding drum is small, but the handle is very long, which makes winding the hose back up very easy. The towing handle is made of metal, and the axle is steel, for a durable rolling cart that goes anywhere you need it to go. The stance is very wide and the center of gravity low, for a stable cart on any surface. The collar on the handle is also adjustable. You can fit it into the garage or the shed, or stick it in a corner next to the garden tap.

The hose itself is ½”in diameter, and and pulls out to 50m long. Unless you already have a short hose connector, you will need to cut off a length of hose (Hozelock recommends about 1.5m) to connect the reel to the water supply.

One downside to the Hozelock is that you must assemble the hose and cart upon arrival, and it can be difficult to properly set it up. This sometimes leads to leaking in the internal connectors if not properly tightened.


  • Wheeled Cart
  • Stable, steel frame
  • 12.5mm diameter hose


  • Plastic wheels, plastic construction.

5. Kärcher HR4.525 Hose Reel With 25m PrinoFlex Hose

The last hose on our list is another reel hose, this time by Karcher. Karcheris known for their quality home-improvement products, like their pressure washers, and this reel-based hose is simply another high-quality and reliable item. It comes with a robust, metal frame and legs, that can be both easily carried around the carry handle, or attached to the wall for a stationary hose. It has a 25m PrimoFlexhose, which has an inner of diameter of ½”and is made of strong, pliable rubber. The reel stand is made to balance on even uneven ground.

In addition to the hose and reel, the Karcher HR4 comes with a spray gun that features several different settings, as well as 4 different universal hose connectors. 1 of these 4 connectors features Aqua Stop,which allows you to safely and quickly uncouple spraying accessories without getting water everywhere.It also comes with a tap adaptor, that takes a ¾”down to ½”to fit the diameter of the hose.

All in all, the Karcher HR4 is a quality, portable and still easy to use hose and reel system.


  • Steel frame
  • 25m rubber PrimoFlex hose
  • Spray gun, 4 connectors


  • Difficult to put together, occasionally leaks

A Few More Thoughts

If you want to extend your hose’s lifespan and length of service, be sure to properly drain it after each use. This will help prevent the buildup of mold, as well as keep it from freezing should the temperature drop.

A good way to test the strength and quality of a hose is to pick it up with both hands, and bend it into a U-shape. If it cracks, shows any hints of cracking, or kinks, skip it and pick a nicer, softer one.

If you plan on using your hose for regular watering, you want to look into a sprinkler hose or soaker hose. These hoses are usually slightly smaller but more durable, and have small holes pierced at regular intervals on one side. This allows for convenient, easy watering, as it is practically a sprinkler and a hose built into one. They can be set up and left outside permanently. Some can even be cut and customized to fit the shape and layout of your garden and yard, and then connected with couplings to create a single, continuous sprinkler system. Sprinklers hoses can be very convenient,as they spray water only exactly where you choose to set them up, unlike a regular sprinkler. They also aim directly for the plants’roots, using less water to achieve more.


Our final recommendation for a garden hose will depend on exactly what you intend to use it for, but we recommend the Kingtop expandable hose as our Top Pick for a garden hose. It is a high-quality hose, compact and light enough for easy, everyday use, but expanding to 100 feet when needed.The triple-layer vinyl is strong and flexible, while the polyester knit casing protects it and adds another layer of durability. It can also carry quite a bit of water.