Best Knapsack Sprayer Reviews UK 2019

Best Knapsack Sprayer Reviews UK

Bugs and animals eating your plants? Weeds sprouting up all over your garden?

If that’s the case, it might be a good time to purchase a knapsack sprayer. These are excellent tools for spraying chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers on your garden, lawn or trees. They make application much easier and faster than applying by hand or with hand-held sprayers, and can usually cover a whole garden or lawn with one single fill of the tank.

But which one is the best knapsack sprayer to get? It can be a bit difficult to decide between a high-quality but more expensive sprayer, and a cheaper one. Do you really need the nicest one you can find, or will the less expensive one do?

When looking to purchase a backpack sprayer, you will want to keep a few things in mind – mainly, comfort and how the sprayer fits on your back, as well as how much spray it holds, and its effective spraying range. It’s very important to put some thought into choosing a sprayer and seeing how well it works, as using it incorrectly or spilling chemicals on yourself can be very dangerous.

There are two main types of knapsack sprayers – diaphragm and piston. Which is better for you, depends on how much area and spraying you need to cover. A piston sprayer uses a piston that moves up and down as you spray. By pumping the pump handle on the top or side of the sprayer, you create pressure that drives the liquid into the wand before spraying. This can create some nice power and more pressure behind the sprayer than a diaphragm sprayer. Piston sprayers, however, cannot handle chemicals that are too harsh, so as not to damage the cylinder. Diaphragm sprayers, on the other hand, will let harsher chemicals and small particles pass through without damaging any of the parts or components. While there are also motorized sprayers available, these are much more expensive and heavy-duty, and meant for professional use.

When looking at a capacity and size, keep weight in mind, and think about how much you can carry without becoming too tired. Look for a sprayer that features backpack straps as opposed to sling-style shoulder straps. This will help distribute the weight more evenly on your shoulders, making the load feel lighter and more manageable.

The spray wand you choose should be capable of a large and powerful stream, but without leaking or letting chemicals spill all over the place. It should have relatively accurate and controlled spray aim, as well.

To make choosing a sprayer a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a short buying guide to help you pick the best knapsack sprayer for your needs. Here’s a few of the top sprayers available today​.

​Top 5 Compairson Table

​Best Knapsack Sprayer Reviews UK of ​​2019

#1. Faithfull SPRAY16AV Pressure Sprayer Knapsack 16L

First up on our best knapsack sprayer reviews list is the Faithfull Spray16AV. This is a 16 litre, easy to use pressure sprayer that makes quick work of even large gardens and yards. It uses a pump action to power the sprayer, and you simply pump as you go and repump the pressure sprayer throughout the day. The spraying lance has an adjustable nozzle, which can be set anywhere from fine stream to jet stream, and also has a trigger lock for continuous use. Just put the trigger lock on and let the sprayer do the work, while moving the lance back and forth over the area you wish to cover. The Faithfull is made of shatterproof and frost-resistant plastic material as well. Furthermore, the pressure pump system features a pressure release safety valve.

At 16 litres, the Faithfull has a pretty large capacity, and when combined with its large spraying lance and adjustable nozzle, can cover some very large areas all at once. It works well with just about any kind of garden chemicals or liquid fertilizers.​

At this price, it is a very reasonably priced garden sprayer. Users remarked how well built and of high quality is it, especially for its price. It holds its 16liter capacity well, does not leak, and makes quick work of very large areas. If you’re just looking for an affordable and simple solution, the Faithfull 16 is a great buy.​


  • Excellent Price
  • Large Capacity
  • Tough Build Quality
  • Comes with various nozzles


  • Flimsy shoulder pads

#2. Oregon 518771 Backpack Sprayer

Next up is the Oregon Backpack Sprayer. This sprayer retails for a fairly reasonable price. It features a non-pressurized tank with a capacity of up to 20 litres, making it a very large sprayer. Instead of a pressurized tank (like the Faithfull Spray16), the Oregon features a pressurized chamber, with a capacity of .9 litres and a maximum working pressure of .2 to .3 MPA. It also comes with a flexible tube and spraying lance that measure 2 meters in length, and a shoulder strap to make carrying easy.

The Oregon is generally well-reviewed online. Users love its quality build and ease of use. On common complaint, however, is that it setup and assembly is very difficult. Be sure to test it out with water when first setting up, to make it is proper assembled. Another common complaint is that the shoulder straps on the Oregon are often uncomfortable, and not easy to use. The Oregon also comes in two sizes, both 16 litre and 20 litre. While slightly more expensive than other sprayers, most users like its durability, robust quality and large capacity, and prefer it over other, less expensive models.


  • Very Large Capacity
  • Robust build quality


  • Difficult to set up
  • Shoulder straps can be uncomfortable

#3. Matabi Supergreen 16 Knapsack Sprayer 16 Litre

The Matabi Supergreen 16 is another 16 litre knapsack sprayer. At this price point, it is the most expensive one on our best knapsack sprayer reviews list. It features a 6 foot long hose, with a fiberglass lance of .9 meters. The Matabi is designed with professional use in mind, but is still useable for home users and consumers, and is best used for larger jobs. It features a piston-powered pump and tank with a pressure regulator, that can be set to anywhere between 1.5 bar and 3 bar, and fully open. When fully opened, it can be used for fast, easy spraying and to decompress the tank. It is compatible with many different accessories, so that it can be used for any spraying needs required.

The Matabi also features adjustable padded straps to make wearing and carrying it easy, and has a clip built in for attaching the lance and hose and keeping them out of the way. In addition, it features a carrying handle on top to make carrying and moving the sprayer a breeze. Matabi includes two protective face masks with it, as well.

Overall, the Supergreen is a generally well-liked and reviewed sprayer. It has 4/5 stars on Amazon. Many users say it is worth extra premium in price over cheaper, less durable models. Some common complaints are that it can be hard to put seals together properly, meaning that it might leak. However, it does come with several additional seals and o-rings to help combat this. It also requires nearly constant pumping of the piston to maintain pressure.


  • Good capacity
  • Padded straps
  • Carrying handle
  • Durable build


  • Expensive
  • Tends to leak

#4. Kingfisher PS4012 12 Litre Backpack Sprayer

The Kingfisher 12 litre backpack sprayer is another backpack sprayer suitable for both home use and light professional use. It is built out of study, high-density polypropylene, and has a pressure adjustable between 1 and 4 bar. The internal piston pump has chemical resistant seals to prevent corrosion. The trigger valve also locks on for constant spraying, like other sprayers. The nozzle is fully adjustable, allowing for different pressures and spraying speeds, and the top has a wide-opening to make loading and unloading easy. It also has a basket strainer, to make cleaning and filling easier. Apart from pesticides and chemicals, the Kingfisher can also be used for spraying cleaning solvents and detergents (just be sure to first thoroughly clean it out if you previously used chemicals.)

At this price, the Kingfisher is a great deal for a nice knapsack sprayer, and offers a great value for the money. While it may not be as featured or high-quality as other, more expensive sprayers, it is still one of the best knapsack sprayers we've reviewed, especially considering its price. It can be heavy when fully-loaded, but the straps help keep it comfortable and properly distributed. One common complaint, however, it that it does tend to leak if not properly put together.


  • Good price/value
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Trigger Lock


  • Tends to leak
  • Small Tank Size

#5. Oypla 16L 16 Litre Backpack Knapsack

Our last, and cheapest option, is the Oypla 16l Knapsack sprayer, which sells for such a low price and has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. The sprayer features a nozzle with 3 different nozzle tips, so that the pressure and speed of flow can be customized. It also features a filter on the fill hole, to keep anything from getting and blocking the hose or pump internals. The lance is 25cm long and can reach just about anywhere and cover any size area; it also locks on for continuous spraying. It comes with shoulder backpack straps for easy wearing and carrying.

Users love how easy the Oypla is to put together and use, in addition to how inexpensive it is. It is also more powerful than its size or price would suggest. A few had complaints about the shoulder straps and clips not being very durable. Overall the Oypla offers great value for its size, power and capacity.


  • Great price/Value
  • Good Tank Size
  • Trigger lock


  • Uncomfortable straps

A Few More Tips

You may want to wear a protective face mask, as well as protective rubber gloves, when using a sprayer and applying chemicals. While some sprayers will turn the chemicals into a kind of aerosol (and thus pose a threat to breathing in chemicals), most will remain liquid enough to be accurately applied wherever you need.

It is always best to clean your sprayer after every use, whether you use it frequently or only rarely. If harsh chemicals are left inside for too long, it could lead to corrosion of rubber seal or gaskets. In turn, chemicals will leak out of the sprayer onto the ground, or all over you. If you’re concerned about this, it might be better to purchase a more expensive model. For this reason, it is also always to test the sprayer with water when you originally purchase it and assemble it, to make sure that it does not have any leaks that could cause chemicals to spill all over you.

Clean the sprayer using either water or a recommended tank cleaner (as specified in the manual). If you live in a cold climate, you may also want to use some anti-freeze during the winter to protect the various parts and seals in the sprayer.

Final Word

In conclusion, we would recommend the Oregon as our best knapsack sprayer pick. It is a durable and premium quality sprayer, with a very large tank capacity, which means that it can cover very large work areas. Users love its build quality and ease of use, with a long flexible hose and large refill cap. Though one of the more expensive sprayers on our list, it provides the overall best product.

If you’re looking to save a little bit, take a look at the Oypla 16l sprayer. While not as large or featured as the Oregon, it is a relative steal for this price, and makes an excellent choice for an easy to use, budget knapsack sprayer.

We hope our best knapsack sprayer reviews guide has provided some helpful tips for choosing your perfect garden sprayer, and you can look forward to years of a happy, healthy garden!