Best Lawn Spreader Reviews UK 2019

Best Lawn Spreader Reviews UK

Maintaining a perfectly attractive lawn can be hard work, and requires a good dose of manpower, knowledge and maybe even some fertilizer and seed. When used properly, lawn spreaders are a great and excellent way to spread any seed, fertilizers or lawn care products you may need to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Lawn spreaders are compact, easy to use and generally quite reasonably priced. You can generally pick one up easily at your local home and garden store, or find one online to be delivered straight to your door.

When researching the best lawn fertilizer and seed spreaders, choosing which one to pick up, you will be faced primarily with choosing between two kinds of lawn spreaders - rotary, or broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders.

Rotary spreaders use a spinning disk behind the wheels that throws seed and fertilizer, spreading it up to eight feet out from the path of the spreader. This makes covering large areas of land much easier and time-efficient, and is a great option if you have a large yard, and wish to cover as much area as quickly as possible. This leads to very thick and even spread close to the spreader’s path, but less even further out. You will thus need to make multiple, overlapping trips around the yard, to cover an area more than once, to ensure even, consistent spread.

​Drop Spreaders are more common and simpler, and often a better option for yards. They provide a more even spread, but the speed of distribution will be affected by the size of the hopper and width of the dropper. It is still best to go over an area multiple times to ensure thick, even spread, as missing an area can lead to striping. Many people prefer drop spreaders because they are easier to use and manage in tight places and around edges, bushes, gardens, etc. They are also not affected by the wind.

​Walk-behind spreaders are far more common than handheld spreaders – and far easier to use. They will save you quite a bit of time and effort.

​The right spreader will spread the perfect amount of seed or fertilizer, have customizable rates and speeds, and be simple and easy to use. While there are many great lawn spreaders available on the market for affordable prices, we’ve picked out some of the most popular options out there today. Here’s our buying guide and reviews for choosing the best lawn spreader in the UK.

​Top 5 Comparison Table

​Best Lawn Spreader Reviews UK of 201​9

#1. Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus

First is the Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus. At £16, this an extra-affordable and simple option. The Evergreen Easy Spreader is a simple drop spreader, that allows you to easily and accurately spread your fertilizer or seed. It has an adjustable application speed, to make sure all seed is spread at the appropriate and proper rate.

One downside to the Easy Spreader Plus is that you cannot control the On/Off switch from the handle, meaning that if you stop pushing the spreader for any reason, more fertilizer or seed than desired will be spread in that stop. It also has a rather small hopper size, low ground clearance, and is constructed mostly from lower-grade plastic. It is not nearly as durable or long-lasting as some of the more expensive models. Still, for its price, it is an affordable, simple, easy to use spreader that should serve your needs.


  • Most affordable
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Accurate drop spreader


  • On/Off cannot be controlled from handle
  • Plastic construction

#2. Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader

The Easygreen Rotary Spreader is one of the most popular spreaders available on the market today. At this price, it is almost twice the price of the Evergreen Easy Spreader, but delivers much more features and control. As a rotary spreader, it can cover an area of up to 3.5 meters at once, making covering large areas a breeze. It features, unlike the Evergreen, a hand-controlled On/Off switch, giving you complete and convenient control over how much seed is spread. It has several adjustable settings to apply fertilizer and seed at your desired pace, and features adjustable handlebars for comfortable use, and easy, quick storage.

It’s a great option larger lawns and wider areas, but not so much for smaller, compact yards, or those with lots of precise edges and angles around patios, etc.


  • On/Off lever
  • Adjustable spread settings
  • Covers large area


  • Less Accurate than drop spreaders

#3. Scotts MiracleGro Evengreen Drop Spreader

The Scotts MiracleGro Evengreen is quite similar to the Easygreen, but is a drop spreader. It provides a much more even and consistent spread than a rotary spreader, but does not cover as wide an area. It also has a hand-controlled on-off switch, to give you accurate control over the application of fertilizer and prevent grass burning, as well as an adjustable handle bar, for custom comfort and easy storage.

The Evengreen will provide a more accurate and controlled spread around edges, patios, sidewalks and small yards than the EasyGreen rotary spreader. It will take much longer to cover a large yard than a rotary spreader will, however.

At this price point, the Evengreen Drop Spreader is a solid, high-quality option. Like the Easygreen, it is also one of the most popular and well-reviewed options on the market today. If you’re looking for quality drop spreader, keep this one in mind.


  • Ease of Use
  • On/Off lever for control
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Expensive for size

#4. Dirty Pro Tools 55 lbs Spreader

Now we’re getting into some real, serious tools. The Dirty Pro Tools 55lbs spreader is a much larger, heavier-duty spreader than the rest of the spreaders on our list. It has large, 20cm high poly-plastic wheels, which give it extra durability and traction over rougher terrain, and make it easier to balance on sloping terrain. As a rotary spreader, it also includes a heavy-duty, self-lubricating nylon gear, which makes spreading seed and fertilizer over large areas an absolute breeze. The rotary spreader has several adjustable settings, so you can set the rate at which to dispense seed. It can cover a spread area of up to 3 meters wide, which makes it ideal for larger lawns. The extra large seed hopper can hold up to 55lbs of seed in weight. Like with all rotary spreader models, you will want to be sure overlap your spreading paths, as the spread is less thick and less consistent the further away from the spreader it gets.

​All in all, the Dirty Pro spreader is a solid, heavy-duty option for a rotary spreader. It may, indeed, best serve as a professional spreader for larger jobs, but still makes a great, reliable option for consumers with larger yards, or those who simply wish for a more durable and solid lawn spreader. At this price, it provides an excellent value.


  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Extra large hopper capacity
  • Good price for size


  • Heavy, large

#5. Handy 50lb Wheeled Push Lawn and Fertiziler Spreader

The last item on our list is the Handy 50LB Push Spreader. This is the most-expensive option on our list – but for good reason. It is also the heaviest-duty and most durable – even more so than the Dirty Pro Tools. It is constructed with a steel, powder-coated frame and handlebars, and features pneumatic tires with enclosed gearing. It has an adjustable flow rate, and can cover an area of up to 3 meters at once. The hopper has a 50lb/23kg capacity, making it almost as large as the Dirty Pro Tools, and able to take on even the largest of projects.

​The spread rate can be controlled from the handlebars, and can also be stopped with the On/Off lever. This makes it far more accurate and reliable than cheaper spreads, which will continue distributing even when stopped, resulting in uneven spread or grass-burning.

​Customer reviews say that assembly can be somewhat complicated and take some time, but once figured out, the Handy is a serious and reliable spreader that can take on some of the largest of lawns and jobs. At its price tag, it is definitely far more expensive than any other items on the list, and isn’t for everybody. But if you are up for investing the money in a quality tool, you get a serious, reliable tool for your money, that works for both basic lawns and heavy-duty, professional work.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Large hopper size
  • Pneumatic wheels for rough terrain


  • More expensive than others
  • Slightly complicated assembly

Tips on Using Your Lawn Spreader

When you do pick out one from our lawn spreader reviews, you'll find using one should be pretty easy. Nevertheless, here are few extra tips to make seeding or fertilizing your lawn a little bit easier and more efficient.

When you're filling your spreader’s hopper with seed or fertilizer, be sure to pour it in ON the sidewalk or driveway. This will keep you from spilling any into the grass, and prevent accidental grass burn. It is also best to avoid spreading on windy or rainy days, as that may cause your fertilizer application to be irregular and messy, ending up in places you don’t want it to go.

When starting out on your lawn, you may want to start by applying “header strips”: do the ends of the lawn first, or all the way around the lawn, so that you have a place to turn around. Be sure to turn the spreader off when turning, to prevent uneven application and grass burn. For the same reason it is best to start walking and moving the spreader before turning it back on with the latch, as well. The best method to get consistent, spread is to slightly overlap on each trip across the lawn, to avoid missing any areas. When using a rotary spreader, this is especially important, as the application and spread are thinner and more sparse the further away it gets from the feeder head.

It is also sometimes useful to set the feeder rate to about half of what is recommended, and just do two laps over each area, to keep seed properly and evenly spread. Keep a steady pace as you walk, to ensure that your fertilizer is evenly spread. If your yard has hills or uneven terrain in it, it is often very helpful to start by doing the hills first. This ensures an adequate amount of seed in the hopper, to prevent “skipping” over uneven terrain.


While there are several options on the market for every budget, we recommend that, if you can afford it, you spend more money to buy a higher-quality, tougher spreader. For your money, you’ll get sturdy, metal construction, and a full-size 30-50lb capacity hopper so you don’t have to refill as often. You will also get larger, more durable wheels – like those of the Dirty-Pro or Handy.

To keep your lawn spreader in tip-top shape and functioning as it should, you will also want to properly care for it and keep it clean. After each use, use a garden hose to give it a thorough washing. This is especially important if you use chemical fertilizers of weed killers, as those can corrode the materials used in the spreader. You will also want to do this every time you switch lawn care products, to avoid mixing chemicals and damaging grass seed. Lay the spreader on its side, and use the hose to clean inside and out the feeder, the wheels, and the rotating impeller plate on rotary spreaders. You may also want use light lubricants such as WD-40 on moving parts, wheels, and axles, to keep it functioning smoothly and prevent rust from forming. Avoid lubricants that use Teflon or silicone, as these may seal chemicals or dirt in, and cause corrosion.

Final Word on The Best UK Spreader for Your Lawn Reviews

In conclusion, if we had to pick a single best lawn spreader from our reviews, we would go with the DirtyPro Tools spreader. While not the cheapest, nor necessarily the easiest to set up and use, the DirtyPro provides an excellent value. It is not much more expensive the Scott Easygreen or MiracleGro Evengreen, but provides a much more solid, metal construction than the other, plastic spreaders, making it a longer-lasting, reliable choice. If you’re looking for simply the most affordable or easiest to use, the Evegreen Easy Spreader is a bargain at 16. Just pour in the fertilizer or seed, and get to work.