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Health Benefits of a Hot Tub or Spa

​The following article should motivate you into researching which used hot tubs are currently available for purchase, especially if you’ve been thinking about it recently. Hurry, this device could save your marriage! Imagine coping with all the daily stresses and strains of everyday life simply by sitting in a magical tub of hot water. It sounds […]

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How to Plant and Grow Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plant

How to Plant and Grow Aquatic PlantsAquatic plants not only add beauty to ponds and water features, they are essential to creating a viable water-based ecosystem. They filter the water to remove wastes and add nutrients, as well as provide habitats for animal life. When growing aquatic plants, you have a whole new set of […]

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How to Control and Kill Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed

How to Control and Kill Giant HogweedHazardous plants like poison ivy and poison oak are synonymous with skin irritation and allergic reactions, but there’s one weed out there that makes them look mild. Giant Hogweed presents a whole new level of skin reaction, which can lead to third degree burns. The sap of the plant […]

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How and Why to Start Your Own Greenhouse


How and Why to Start Your Own GreenhouseGrowing a garden is one of the best things you can do to get closer to nature. You become intimate with not only plant species you choose, but also the changing of the seasons, insect life and the composition of your soil. This can be a hugely satisfying […]

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